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HGJ Service is a local service company that specializes in
   Industrial and Mechanical Services
   Steam Trap Surveys
   Valve Identification and Tagging
   Tank Inspections

Our Steam Trap Surveys and Analysis are helping area industries and institutions prevent monetary losses due to leaking and blowing steam traps.
Click this Steam Trap Surveys link to learn more about how we can help your facility.

With our Compressed Air, Gas and Indoor Air Quality Testing program we can monitor and test compressed air, breathing air, HVAC air, industrial and medical gasses. Click on the Air and Gas Testing link to find out more.

We also provide Tank Inspections, Valve Tagging and Identification, Installations and Repairs. Click on the Other Services link to see details.

We offer a complete line of maintenance Parts and Supplies click on the link to learn more.

Click our Recommended Links to find products and manufacturers you can't find here.

Click on the Information link for conversion factors, steam tables, and other useful information.