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Steam Trap Surveys
Are your steam traps costing you money?

Did you know........Studies have shown that only 20 leaking and blowing steam traps can cost you $30,000 per year or more depending on steam costs.

HGJ Service offers you a way to manage your steam trap population effectively.

Locating and Tagging
Traps in you facility are located and given a unique tag number. Using this, we create a "Master Trap List" with data on every trap in your facility.

Trap Testing
Steam traps are tested using TLV's unique TrapMan™ Steam trap testing system. A comprehensive analysis of the overall condition of all steam piping is also performed.

Using TLV's TrapManager™ software, we provide a Statistical and Graphical Analysis of all the steam traps tested in your facility.

Decrease Operating Costs, Maximize Performance
Know when and where traps need to be replaced. Schedule repair outages more effectively. Reduce losses and downtime due to faulty steam traps.
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